Traineeship Programme Set To Launch Again in October

Blackpool FC Community Trust will be once again running its Traineeship course in October.

The Traineeship course runs for 12 weeks and aims to change lives for the better. The course has been made to help those who are aged 16-23 and who are not currently in education, employment or training.

As part of the Traineeship course, students receive work placements to help boost their employability skills and knowledge.

Traineeship student Harry Gayton, 16, completed his work placement with Blackpool FC Community Trust Ambassador Brian Rose at his local boxing gym. Harry helped Brian with day to day jobs as well as assisting Brian with personal training sessions.

Brian Rose, who is a former English, British and WBO intercontinental champion is delighted with the progress Harry made since starting his work placement at the gym. Brian said, “He’s the best trainee I’ve ever had. His enthusiasm and commitment is brilliant and he’s always asking for something to do. He’s a great lad and it just goes to show what positive effect the Traineeship has had on its students.” 

Harry admitted working with Brian Rose is daunting having followed him as a fan for so many years. Harry said, “As a local lad, working with Brian is a dream come true. He’s even started training me the basics of boxing and it’s something I’m really enjoying.”

Harry added, “The Traineeship course has given me the direction I needed. It’s taught me so many important life skills and now I’m with Brian Rose on placement learning how a professional gym is managed as well as working with a professional boxer.”

The next Traineeship course will be starting on Monday 23rd October. For more information on Blackpool FC Community Trust’s Traineeship programme, call (01253) 348691