Premier League Kicks – Sports Barn Restoration

One of the aims of the Premier League Kicks project is to encourage the participants to get involved in volunteering to benefit their local community. The PL Kicks participants from Sports Barn decided it was time to clean up their venue and to paint over the graffiti covering the walls of the park.

The restoration project was undertaken with the assistance of Blackpool Council who provided the paint, rollers, brushes and trays. Blackpool FC Community Trust provided the willing volunteers and coaches to supervise. The walls surrounding the park were covered in graffiti and the young people set about the task of painting over it, restoring community pride and good feeling amongst local park users.

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All involved worked extremely hard and did a fantastic job painting making the walls virtually unrecognisable once finished. The graffiti ridden walls now look brand new and they brighten up the whole park.

Although this was only a small scale project, the importance of local community projects that benefit the surrounding community cannot be underestimated. The Sports Barn Park restoration project will increase local people’s pride and good feelings about their community, as well as having a positive effect on the young people involved; they will be able to see the results and effects of their hard work on a daily basis and when attending Blackpool FC Community Trust’s Premier League Kicks sessions.

We wish to thank Mark Scrivens and Blackpool Council for helping this community project come to fruition.

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