PLPS Class of the Term

Each half term our Premier League Primary Stars team pick a class or group they have worked with and nominate them for the ‘Class of the Term’. They could be selected for their attitude during PE lessons, their enthusiasm, development of skills or all-round behaviour.

What do they win?

The winning class receive a bundle of PE equipment for their school, thanks to the partnership between Sports Directory, EFL Trust and The PFA. Bean bags, frisbees, footballs, skipping ropes, a bucket of tennis balls, reaction balls and bibs are all part of the bundle they receive.

Autumn 2: Class of the Term

Congratulations to the Year 3 class at Christ the King Catholic Academy, for being the Premier League Primary Stars ‘Class of the Term’ for Autumn 2!

Why were they the winning class?

Sean Humble, one of our PE Officers, has been working with the class throughout the Autumn 2 term as part of the Premier League Primary Stars project, supporting PE lessons in the school. This is what he had to say about the class:

“Each week the class have shown lots of enthusiasm and energy within the PE lessons which have created a really positive learning environment. We’ve been using the PE lessons to educate the pupils about respect; respecting the adults, each other and the equipment. The pupils have really taken this onboard and in every lesson tried their best to continually show respect”.  


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