CEO - Playing in a different way

With everyone being asked to stay at home, the Community Trust have been very creative and resourceful in finding ways to help keep our young participants active, both physically and mentally.

With not being able to visit them in school and them not being allowed to visit us at our community sessions, once again we have had to resort to alternative ways to keep in contact.

This has been highlighted by our Premier League Primary Stars and Fit2Go teams who have developed a host of ways to challenge our school children to engage in fun activities.

These have included some really inventive activities being set by our Senior Physical Education Officer, Chris Debar for children to complete at home, using their socks and items from the kitchen including tins and pans, which have seen more than 11,500 views.

All these challenges have been sent to local schools for children to complete and also on our social media channels for all our followers to find.


Our Physical Education Officer Paige Crozier has gone live on Facebook and YouTube each Friday to host weekly dance lessons, which were watched almost 7,000 times in April alone.

Another member of our team, Jamie Houghton has been hosting weekly boxercise sessions, delivered outdoors for many to follow and take part in. I get tired just watching them.

We have also continued to try to engage our Tiny Tangerines, where some of our team have been setting Football Skills for our youngest participants to practice at home.

On Friday (1st May) we were due to host our annual Armfield Trophy, which would have seen local school children come together for a football competition and learn more about our greatest legend. This has unfortunately had to be cancelled this year, but we have added some Jimmy themed activities on our website for all to enjoy and complete, with all our maths skills put to test too. Find the activities here to print off.

Our Fit2Go team have been sending out weekly healthy lifestyle lessons for all to keep up to date on what we should be eating in this time and what activities will help keep us fit and strong.

Our team are greatly missing what they do best, in working face-to-face with our local young people to engage, inspire and support to live healthy, active lives, but their ability to transform in this period should be commended.

We have a Community Trust our town should be very proud of.

In the past few days we have been doing some number crunching to see the impact we have had in the past month whilst stuck at home and the image below highlights some of the great work our team continues to do.