My Kicks Story: Amjad Diab

Blackpool FC Community Trust’s Kicks programme has been attracting participants from across the world.

That’s the case for young Amjad Diab who has been a regular Kicks participant over the last six months because of his love for football.

Amjad Diab, 12 is a refugee from Syria and migrated to England nine months ago with his family.

Blackpool FC Community Trust’s Kicks programme is delivered across Blackpool on a daily basis by our qualified coaches and is an opportunity for 7-19 year olds to play football in a safe and fun environment.

Amjad, along with his brothers and cousins, regularly attend Kicks sessions at Sports Barn and Claremont Park.

Harry Gayton, 16, who has been attending Kicks for a number of years was full of praise towards to Amjad. Harry said, “When Amjad first came to play football with us at Kicks, he struggled to get involved because he couldn’t speak English very well. But we all welcomed him and his family to Kicks and now they are all an integral part of the local community. He’s also a great little player and he will do well.”

Amjad praised the Kicks programme for giving him the opportunity to meet new friends despite not being able to speak English fluently. Amjad said, “I played football every Sunday in Syria but it wasn’t always safe to play. I can play football at Kicks and I know I’m completely safe. The people here are nice to me.”

For more information on Kicks, please contact (01253 348691)