Mental Health Day 2020: Premier League Inspires

As a local charity working with people in Blackpool from the ages of 2 to 91 years, we have first-hand experience of the importance of mental health in Blackpool. This year’s theme for Mental Health Day is ‘mental health for all’ and we’re proud that every week we aim to support positive mental health and wellbeing within our community.

Through our Premier League Inspires programme we support young people’s mental health in Blackpool. Funded by the Premier League, and in partnership with Headstart Blackpool and their Resilience Revolution, we support high school pupils to become more resilient individuals.

As part of the programme they learn skills that will benefit them through their academic, professional, and personal lives. Some topics that are covered include: coping strategies for stress, social media awareness, revision planning, managing aggression and emotions, creating good habits, and building healthy relationships.

One student said that the sessions with BFCCT, “helped me in high school because if I fail or make a mistake I won’t feel down because I know I can learn from it”.

Another student said that the resilience sessions, “motivated me to never give up and always put your mind to it.”

This year our provision has expanded, and we are able to support pupils in school for a full day every week. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to impact pupil’s mental health and well being from not only taking part in our programme delivery but also providing 1-1 mentoring to pupils who need that little extra support in returning to school.

Our staff have a continuous presence in schools which also gives pupils the opportunity to be able to drop in and speak to our hub officers on a more casual basis. Each school’s provision is of a needs led basis which helps the schools focus on their own individual targets, from year 7 transition support, through to year 10 and 11 exam stress and preparation.

Secondary Education Manager, Simon Smith said, “We are really excited to be able to support all the high schools in Blackpool with our Premier League Inspires programme. We now have a stronger presence within high schools and more time to be able to give to students on a group and 1-1 basis. It builds stronger relationships between us, the schools, and the young people of our town, helping them to become more resilient individuals, something we feel passionately about.”

Our aims for the programme are to see a positive impact on student’s progression and mental wellbeing as a result of the engagement with BFCCT staff and sessions. We hope that our Premier League Inspires programme will contribute to shining a spotlight on the importance of young people’s mental health.

We currently have three job opportunities available in this area. More information here: Vacancies