Meet Lesley: Fit Blackpool

On the lead up to International Women’s Day, we asked our female participants about their experiences with Blackpool FC and the Community Trust.

Meet Lesley who currently takes part in activities with the Community Trust.

My love affair with Blackpool FC began back in 1970 when my Dad was told to take me out for the afternoon. I was five years old and almost froze to death sitting on the low white wall at Bloomers on a November day. Fast forward 40’ish years, and apart from a few games during the Billy Ayre years, I didn’t go much but The Mighty Pool were always MY team.

In late 2011/2012 I had to undergo cancer treatment which really affected my physical & mental health. I was encouraged to go and watch games with my sister (pictured), my daughter and my lovely dad, who we lost five years ago. So now it’s down to us three girls, all season ticket holders, to support our amazing team.

I have also recently taken part in the FIT Blackpool programme at Blackpool FC Community Trust after seeing a post on social media. Following the programme, I have continued to engage through the FIT Blackpool Keep Fit maintenance sessions held at Bloomfield Road. As a result of the programme, I am now living a much healthier lifestyle and have increased my daily physical activity levels.

Being part of a group definitely contributed to my successes as the support from others was a huge motivator in achieving my goals. As a season ticket holder, I have loved being able to come to the stadium on a weekly basis for the sessions as well as attending the games.

Up The Mighty 🍊⚽️🧡

If you would like to take part in our free weight management programme, click here >> FIT BLACKPOOL <<