Making Long Term Lifestyle Changes: Meet Maggie

Maggie joined our FIT Blackpool programme in September 2022.

FIT Blackpool is a free 12-week weight management programme that combines classroom-based interventions with physical activity, to help provide immediate and sustainable results. Some topics covered are nutrition, barriers to exercise, alcohol, the importance of an active lifestyle and some more specific topics like reading food labels correctly and knowing exactly what to look out for in your food.

Physical activity can be anything from circuit training to chair-based exercises and builds over the weeks to a total of a 45-minute workout.

When asked why she joined the programme, Maggie said,

“I wanted to feel fitter, happier and healthier, improve my lifestyle and lose weight and make some positive changes for myself however, I have physical disabilities that limit what I am able to do.”

Throughout the programme Maggie made some huge changes to her lifestyle, changing the foods she ate and reducing portion sizes, but the biggest change Maggie has made is to her levels of physical activity levels.

Throughout her 12-week journey, Maggie took part in adapted versions of the circuit exercises due to physical limitations. Maggie did however purchase a smart watch at the beginning of the programme and concentrated on trying to be as active as she was able to by walking as many daily steps as she could.

Maggie’s efforts and continued dedication over the 12 weeks paid off with her final measurements showing she had lost an amazing 6.1kg.


Maggie said,

“I have needed knee replacement surgery for a number of years, and I have lost enough weight through FIT Blackpool to now have the surgery.”

Maggie has continued to come to the weekly maintenance and her fitness has continued to improve. Maggie is now completing all three circuits standing using a wide range of equipment including battle ropes, kettle bells, dumbbells, and sandbags which is a huge improvement from seated exercises when she first started. Maggie even joined us in a team to complete the 3k Colour Fun Run on Blackpool Beach to raise money for Trinity Hospice.

Maggie said,

“I enjoy coming to the maintenance classes and my newer healthier lifestyle that I am now living. I have been able to make long-term lifestyle changes whilst still having an enjoyable social life with my family and friends.”

Kim Follows, Community Engagement Team Leader at BFCCT delivered Maggie’s 12-week programme and said,

“I am so proud of Maggie for achieving the results that she did throughout the 12 weeks and with her continuation through the maintenance session she has now lost an amazing three and a half stone which is incredible.

I know the sessions had a positive impact on Maggie’s mental well-being and since joining FIT Blackpool she is so much more confident. I look forward to continuing to support Maggie through her reviews and follow on sessions.”