Learners Raise Money for Local Charity Donna's Dream House

On Thursday the 13thof June 2019, my class of BTEC level 2 students at Blackpool Football Club Community Trust took part in a 21-mile bike ride for our end of year assignment.

As part of our course, we had to organise a sporting event of our choice, which we had to plan, organise and deliver. We all voted between nine students on what we were going to do and which charity we were going to raise money for. To organise the event, we had to do things like book the bikes from UCLan Sports Arena, make risk assessments, set up social media, hold board meetings and make contingency plans. We each were given a role in our organisation. The roles were; Director – Lauren Read, Assistant Director – Bradley Smith, Head of Logistics – Keeley Smith, Head of Finance – Owen Walmsley, Head of Media – Lewis Loughran and Head of Health and Safety – Richard Wilkinson and Cal Brown.

We came up with lots of ideas, but decided equally we were going to complete a 21-mile bike ride for Donna’s Dream House Charity. This charity helps with terminally ill children. Families with terminally ill children can come to this house and take time away from their day-to-day life. We mainly chose this charity because of what they do to help. Some of us went down to Donna’s Dream House and took a look around. There were beds where children could sleep in either bunk beds or single beds depending on how big the family is and a double bed in every room for the parents, also every room in the house over looks Blackpool Tower, which is nice for the families. During the day, they have a choice of activities they can do; they can go to the sweet shop and a playroom, which is filled with toys and other things they can play with. There is also a Jacuzzi and cinema room for the families to use.

To raise money we have given out shakers and buckets for Donna’s Dream house round Blackpool so other people can give a little help even if it is a bit of change every little helps. We have also gathered sponsors from our own family and friends and been to local businesses to gain sponsorship.

On the morning of the bike ride it was absolutely pouring down and I am sure everyone really didn’t want to complete a 5 hour bike ride in pouring down rain, but we didand smashed it! We had a problem with one of the bikes that got a puncture, but our teacher Will Cowell gave us the motivation to carry on! It was hard, I am sure everyone can agree with me on that one.

We still carried on and pushed through until the point our legs were aching and it felt like we couldn’t do it anymore. Our bike ride went round the Guild Wheel in Preston. We set off at 10am and got back at 3:30pm. Only some of us thought we were going to complete the whole course, but ALL of us managed to complete everything even though Will and another student had to take a detour to get a bike fixed, they still came back strong!

We were motivated to do well and do what we had to for Donna’s Dream House. We are planning to go down with a cheque for them so they can improve the house and make sure it is perfect for children and their families, maybe the money can go towards a new bit of the house that they are working on, which is for families that have lost children that came to Donna’s Dream house. This will allow families to come back and remember their children that have passed, which we all think is an amazing and thoughtful thing to do.

Written By Lauren Read

The group have raised over £400 so far. Well Done!