Kickstarter Scheme: Alexander Higgs

At the end of 2020, Alexander Higgs withdrew from university due to a range of factors, the main one being the lack of teaching quality, partly due to the covid-19 outbreak and restrictions. Once he left, he decided to focus on improving his physical health by going to the gym and swimming 6 days a week.

Alexander started searching for a job at the beginning of 2021, he wanted to find a role that had a good working environment, somewhere in the business sector but also somewhere that he could put the IT Qualifications he earned in college to good use. The Marketing & Communications Assistant role at Blackpool FC Community Trust looked perfect as it provided opportunities to expand his photography and videography skills.

“I’m happy to have found Blackpool FC Community Trust, it has given me the opportunity to talk to and work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds. I’ve captured and helped spread the word about events such as DIVERT and TOWER ABOVE, these programmes help young adults and children to avoid anti-social behaviour. One aspect of the role I found challenging was putting the videos I captured together, Editing the shots together can be frustrating but with my manager’s help and guidance I have learnt how to approach and overcome these challenges.”

During his time as a Marketing and Communications Officer, he has learnt how to use specialist camera equipment, using a range of devices such as video cameras and wireless mics for interviews.

One day I’d like to set up my own business, the funds I’ve set aside from this job will help me to achieve this goal in the future, along with the knowledge I have gathered along the way. This opportunity has helped to lay the foundation for something I hope will become very successful.

His manager, Jack Shields, states “Alex has settled in quickly and he has been able to adapt to new challenges well. I wish him the best with his future plans.”

His colleague, Jordan Fallows said, “When Alex is given a project he makes sure that it is completed to the deadline and at a good standard. He is a nice guy and made me feel more comfortable during my first few weeks at Blackpool FC Community Trust.”