Highfield Leadership Academy Cadets Visit NAAFI Break

On Wednesday, the cadets from Highfield Leadership Academy visited our veterans at our NAAFI Break in the Corner Flag restaurant at Blackpool FC.

They helped support the veterans by handing out bacon and sausage sandwiches, offering them refills of tea and coffee and roaming around offering help where needed.

The veterans shared their stories, experiences and knowledge with the cadets, helping them gain a deeper understanding of history and the sacrifices made by those who came before them while enjoying different activities such as chess and dominoes, with even some cadets being taught how to play.

These types of interactions and experiences have positive impacts on both the cadets and veterans as they help bridge the gap between different generations and provides an opportunity for the young people to learn and grow. Additionally, these interactions help instil a sense of respect and appreciation for those who have served our country, as well as inspire young people to consider military service as a viable career option.

Ian McCleary, from Highfield Leadership Academy, said:

“By involving the cadets in Community Engagement and supporting the local community, they are providing a service to the local community that would otherwise be lost. It also brings a community together by sharing a common interest and goal to improve their local area. The feedback from the cadets was good and they really want to return and do the same again in the not-so-distant future.”

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