Gateway and Public Service NCS Graduation

The groups came together for one last time to celebrate their success, achievements and remember the journey they had gone through during their time on NCS.

The groups have all conquered different fears and climbed to new heights as they tried a variety of activities they had never done before. Throughout the graduation there were smiles and laughter as all participants spoke about their stories and remembered the fun times that they had experienced.

The parents of Robert Ewers stated, “Robert has really enjoyed his time on NCS, we have seen a massive change in Roberts confidence and he’s now more resilient going into new experiences. Robert enjoyed NCS that much that he would love to be involved again, we are really proud of Robert and his NCS journey”

After the presentation they celebrated with some food and spoke to each other about their experiences and time while being on NCS.

Joe Stockell – Social Inclusion Officer “If you enjoyed NCS that much you don’t want it to end, then don’t worry! You can get involved in our Youth Board which gives you the chance to enhance your life skills, you can get involved in more social action events, socialise with other graduates and if you want the chance to go on NCS as a future leader, then this would be the perfect opportunity for you. If you are interested contact myself through email which and we can talk a through your options.”