Futsal Match Report 10/12/14

Blackpool FC Futsal A Team Vs Carlisle United FC Futsal A Team

Blackpool started the game only three points behind highflying Carlisle who are in top form again this year. A nervous start from Blackpool saw Carlisle dominate possession but both teams were unable to break the deadlock over 20 minutes and the half ended 0-0.

Just minutes into the second half, Carlisle managed to grab a chance after a lapse in Blackpool’s concentration, leaving a Carlisle player unmarked in front of the goal.

Carlisle piled on the pressure and took their second goal well again from an unmarked man, Blackpool found it hard to focus after going behind so early in the half.

Linacre was able to get a goal back after beating a Carlisle defender to slot the ball into the corner of the goal. However, Carlisle again had majority possession and were able to add another two goals before Blackpool’s Richards pounced on a mistake from the keeper to tap the ball into an open net.

In the final three minutes of the game Blackpool’s coaching staff pushed players forward and used a fly keeper to try to enable them to get back in the game, however, this only lead to Carlisle adding another two goals with the final whistle blowing with the game at 6-2.

Blackpool FC Futsal B Team V Burnley FC Futsal B Team

The game quickly got into an attacking flow with both teams having early chances, testing the keepers, but it was Burnley that took the lead. Severyn used great skill to beat a Burnley defender and scored the first goal for Blackpool.

Blackpool went from strength to strength and dominated both possession and territory, but it was late in the half before Rawat was able to add another goal bringing the score to 2-1 at the half.

After the half time break Blackpool took full control of the game with Anthony Severyn getting another goal, Jones adding two and Dylan Nagliati also scoring to bring the game home at 6-1. A great Performance from Blackpool FC Futsal B Team.