Fit2Go Festival 2016



Over six weeks the Fit2Go team deliver six classroom and physical activity sessions in every primary school in Blackpool. When the delivery finishes for the academic year in July, Fit2Go will have hopefully influenced the behaviour of the young people and their families showing them how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Fit2Go is delivered as part of Altogether Now – a legacy for Blackpool, the multi-partnership programme between the NHS in Blackpool (Clinical Commissioning Group and Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust), Blackpool Football Club and Blackpool Council.

As well as the six week delivery of Fit2Go to every Year 4 pupil in Blackpool, schools are invited to attend the Fit2Go festival. This year the annual event saw groups of nearly 300 pupils, each morning and afternoon session, take part in numerous activities over three days in the Stadium. Activities including football, no net netball, movement to music and lots of different athletics disciplines were all enjoyed by the children and staff.

The festival was a huge success with almost 1500 Year 4 pupils visiting on the day. All children and staff had a fantastic time making the most of their experience at the Football Club mixing the wonderful weather and a great atmosphere meant that everyone left with a smile on their faces. One teacher said “The staff at Blackpool FC Community Trust are all really friendly and helpful. The Fit2Go festival is a great opportunity for children to try out different activities on the pitch and in different parts of the Stadium. The event is really well organised and very inclusive. It has such a positive impact on our school and we hope it continues every year.”

We would like to thank all of the schools for attending as well as the volunteers that helped out at the festival, including students from our very successful Futsal Education Scholarship programme, and students from our new traineeship programme who helped make the event run so smoothly.

The Trust has have a new Early Years Fit2Go programme starting in June 2016 which will focus on children aged between 1-4 years old get in touch to find out more information.