Fit2Go Case Study | Koko John-Baptiste

We began delivering the Fit2Go programme at Roseacre Academy on 8th June 2016

By the end of week one, the coaches aired a few concerns about Koko’s interaction within lessons. We were given a brief insight by the class teacher into how Koko has been performing in class and some of the difficulties teachers have had to get her to communicate within the lesson.

With the Fit2Go being delivered in a more relaxed environment than school based work, we noticed small changes in Koko’s attitude towards the coaches and her willingness to learn. Koko always excelled when it came to the physical activity sessions and this started to imply within the theory based sessions.

By week two she was able to feel more comfortable around the coaches and would start to put her hand up to answer questions on a more frequent basis. This alone was great progress in such a short period of time. Week three not only saw her communicate more with the coaches, but also her Fit2Go work booklet was completed to a high standard.

We were informed the following week that this change had also reflected in her class work. She had now started to make better progress in her school book and have more interaction within different lessons. The final few weeks of the programme saw Koko make massive strides with her classmates and class work. She continued to perform to a high standard in both the theory and physical activity sessions. This was also recognised by the school and Koko received a certificate for her performance in the Fit2Go programme something she couldn’t wait to tell us about the following week. She also received a certificate from the head teacher acknowledging her commitment and interaction within the Fit2Go programme and how her work and confidence has improved thanks to the programme.

Koko now interacts with a wide range of people at school including staff and pupils. She continues to make slow but positive progress in class with work and increased communication with peers.

We at Blackpool FC Community Trust are very proud of the positive effects the Fit2Go programme is having on Blackpool school children, both in school and on our community sports sessions.