FIT2GLOW Festival Final

This October Blackpool FC Community Trust’s glow-in-the-dark football tournament, ‘Fit2Glow’, returned as popular as ever with 32 teams from 20 primary schools attending. 250 Year 2 boys and girls of mixed abilities accessed the unique opportunity and took part in this year’s tournament. 

The free event, which is delivered in partnership with Blackpool’s Lightpool Festival, comprised of three heats at Moor Park, Palatine, and Stanley Park Sports Centres, with the grand final hosted at the iconic Blackpool Tower Circus. Pitches and goals were marked out with special fluorescent tape and teams were equipped with fluorescent bibs, headbands and wristbands ready for matches. The fun started when the lights went out as players, balls and equipment glowed under the UV lights provided by Blackpool Illuminations.

Our three heats provided six finalists: Roseacre Primary, Moor Park Primary, Stanley Primary, Westcliff Primary, St Nicholas Primary and Sacred Heart Primary who played out a competitive round-robin final in front of 60 encouraging spectators at Blackpool Tower Circus.

After an impressive display of four wins and one defeat, Westcliff Primary were crowned winners of the 2022 Fit2Glow Tournament and were presented with an illuminating trophy by special guest Bloomfield Bear.

Mr Nay – Westcliff Primary

“Playing glow-in-the-dark football is an exciting prospect in itself, throw in the fact the final was played in the Tower Circus on top of that and you have a unique, magical event! The children at Westcliff absolutely loved every minute of Fit2Glow, which was expertly ran by the Community Trust. I couldn’t be prouder of the children coming away with a flashing trophy, but more importantly, they had fun and all the children, from all of the different schools, played with huge smiles on their faces! My Year 1 children cannot wait for next year’s event.”

Marc Joseph – Head of Early Years and Primary Programmes (BFCCT)

“This event is one of our favourite tournaments to organise because of the unique experience it offers the children. The gasps when the light first go out and the equipment starts to glow is the seal of approval and acknowledgement that we are providing something special. Linking the event with the iconic Blackpool Illuminations and supporting the Lightpool Festival means that young people are also playing their part in the many special light-based events taking place this month.”

“Well done to all teams that took part in this year’s event. They all represented their school impeccably and thank you to all the partners that allow events like this to be offered to local children. Finally, congratulations to this year’s champions Westcliff Primary.”

 Parents comments 

“This was a wonderful experience for the children (and parents and carers). Although competitive the emphasis was on fun and participation. Well done for letting the kids experience Blackpool.”

“It has been amazing to see the children being so enthusiastic about playing the games.”