Education Ambassador Andy Taylor Answers Questions From BTEC Students

Our BTEC tudents were treated to a special appearance from Blackpool FC left-back Andy Taylor, where he answered a range of questions.

Andy Taylor, who is Blackpool FC Community Trust’s Education Ambassador, was quizzed on his career experiences, inspirations and what education means to him.

1. Why did you chose to be Blackpool FC Community Trust’s Education Ambassador?

Education is hugely important to me. My parents are both teachers, so they taught me from an early age, that it’s important to be educated, so I did my A-Levels in Biology and Chemistry. This was when I was 16 and at that age, you are not guaranteed a career in football. I think I’m the only player who made it as a pro from the youth academy. I’ve always known the importance of education. If I wasn’t a football player, I could’ve gone to university with my A-Levels. Young footballers don’t always understand that and I get it, because they are so focused on making it as a pro but you’ve always got to have a plan B.

2. Who inspired you to be a football player?

My dad inspired me to be a football player. He took me to every game and he gave me advice after every game. Without him, I wouldn’t be a professional football player because he put so much effort into helping me.

3. What do you plan on doing after football?

To be honest, I don’t know. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a football player. I’m currently doing a degree and I’ve got my coaching badges. I will have options when I retire.

4. Best player you’ve played with?

I’d have to say Tugay at Blackburn. He was a genius because he was three steps ahead of everyone. He could see passes nobody else could.

5. Best player you’ve played against?

I’d have to say Aaron Lennon. He was just so quick.

6. Have you ever had to do any initiations when you have signed for a club?

I’ve done initiations five times now. It’s usually a lot of singing. It’s not a nice thing to do and you’re sort of glad when it’s done. But it’s also a good thing to do because it gets people out of their comfort zone. I’ve sang Westlife, Flying Without Wings before which was funny.

7. Have you always been a left-back?

Pretty much. I tried left-wing once when I was younger but my dad told me to stay at left-back and I always have been since then. It’s my best position and I enjoy playing there.

8. Greatest achievement in your career?

Personally, playing for England was a great moment but I think it’s the fact I’ve managed to be a pro-footballer because it’s not easy to make a career in the game.