Deaf Awareness Week: Adrian's Story

Meet Adrian, he attends our Junior Pan Ability Football Kicks session, in the community, funded by the Premier League. He has also been involved in our Children in Need funded sessions, in his school. As it is Deaf Awareness Week Adrian and his mum have shared some of their story.

In the picture with Adrian, Paul, our disability engagement officer is wearing, around his neck, Adrian’s Phonak Roger Touchscreen Mic. It is a device that helps Adrian to understand more clearly what is being said. It uses the wireless microphones to pick up the voice of the speaker and transmit it wirelessly to miniature ear level receivers.

Adrian has only recently got these after a struggle to get funding for them. His mum and Adrian first became aware of it at school where he got to use their device. But, as they are the school’s property, he could only get to use them whilst at school. His mum was determined to get him his own device as it would not only help at home, but also when he attends our Junior Pan Ability Kicks session. After quite a bit of difficulty, of more than a year in trying to secure funding for it, Adrian finally has his own Phonak device, which he now brings to the Junior Pan Kicks sessions.

His mum, Michelle, said, “I feel Adrian gets more out of the football session now and he feels more included. The staff are great with him. Always offering support. They make sure when giving instructions that he has understood, before they go ahead with the session, and the device helps even more with that.”

Paul, the disability engagement officer said, “I’ve known Adrian for nearly a year and half now, and I know how much he loves football from working with him in his school and seeing him at our Junior Pan Kicks session. He loves coming to the Junior Pan session and this device really helps improve communication, between the coaches and Adrian.”

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