Coping with Exam Stress

As it is Stress Awareness Month in April and exams are fast approaching for students at our Blackpool FC Sports College, Blackpool FC Community Trust have shared some of the best ways to cope with exam stress and worries.

Don’t overthink it.

  • Exams aren’t everything. No matter what happens in your exams, you can still be successful afterwards. Even if you don’t do as well as you would have hoped, remember not to overthink it.
  • Most of the time, employers won’t look at your exam results. They’re just as interested in the way you present yourself, your transferrable skills and how well you will get on with your team or organisation-wide.
  • Your results don’t define you as a person. Exams can be difficult for people, and everyone reacts differently to the pressure. There’s so much more to your personality than how you react.
  • Think about the progress you have already made. You’ve already done incredibly well to get onto the course you’re on and be where you are now. Stopping or failing exams at this point doesn’t push you back or ruin your progress.

Preparation is key.

  • Picture your exams as a long project, is your exam is two months away, imagine you have a 2-month long project. Doing this can help you visualise an endpoint and plan toward it.
  • Plan the basics: what exams do you have? How are the marks allocated for each exam/question? How much do you need to learn for each one? Don’t expect to learn and remember everything. Prioritise points that will gain you the most marks.
  • Plan your revision and separate it into small, manageable chunks. Having a plan means no procrastinating in the morning over what to revise.
  • Schedule in time for yourself as well as revision. Taking time to unwind and give yourself a break helps to maintain concentration.

Ask for support from family and friends.

  • Have a discussion with your parents about what they expect you to achieve. If your parents have unrealistic expectations, they may add unnecessary pressure. It can be helpful to have a conversation with them about what you think you have the capacity to achieve and ask for support to help you to achieve it rather than pressure.
  • If you’re feeling worried or anxious, chat to a close friend, family member or tutor. It helps to get it out of your system, and they may be able to help you deal with exam stress.

What Blackpool FC Sports College does.

  • We provide enrichment opportunities such as football for students to get involved in after college
  • At lunchtime, we offer activities such as board games and table tennis
  • We do tutorial sessions that discuss stress and coping mechanisms for stress
  • At the end of every term, we organise a fun in-house tournament to allow the students to destress

What not to do.

  • Don’t set yourself unreachable goals. Nobody can revise ten topics a day and take anything in.
  • Don’t cut out all the enjoyment in your life. Giving your brain a rest and engaging in other activities can help you concentrate later.
  • Don’t fuel your mind with stimulants such as coffee and alcohol. These will impede your energy and concentration in the long term, and it will be difficult for you to get to sleep.
If you’d like to know more about Blackpool FC Sports College or you’d like to attend an open evening contact Michael Brown or call 01253 348691.