CEO: "The impact has been immense"

Since the start of the new Academic year our team have been working with local secondary schools to support pupils with their transition back into school and supporting young people with their resilience and preparation for exams.

This is delivered under the umbrella of our PL Inspires programme which focuses on supporting and mentoring pupils who are identified by the schools as needing some additional help.

Our team have been supporting our schools through face-to-face delivery since early September and the impact has been immense.

In addition to this, we also continued with our Alternate Education offer, which allows pupils from local schools to spend a day every week at the stadium to learn with our teachers and study a BTEC Level 2 in Sports Coaching. This is currently done with three local secondary schools, to help inspire some of their students to engage with school and refocus their attentions.

Whilst the team have been doing a fantastic job delivering these services of support in our schools, we have also been developing new provisions and will begin new services in local secondary schools very soon. Our focus has been on local need and how we can help further, we will release all the details very soon. It’s hard for me not to write about them yet, because they are extremely exciting, but we are currently completing contracts.

This week our Traineeship team have also completed the first programme to engage young people aged 16-24 that are not in education or employment into education and work experience, with the end goal of getting into employment.

The first course started in September and from the 20 young people engaged in the programme 60% have progressed into a positive employment opportunity so far, 90% said they felt more confident than they did at the start of the programme and 100% passed their first aid at work, digital skills course and health and safety qualifications.

They also sat Maths and English Functional Skills exams, but whilst we suspect approximately an 80% success rate, we won’t have confirmed results until mid December.

When gaining feedback at the end of the course, all of the trainees rated the programme 9 or above out of 10 and would recommend the programme to family and friends.

Another example of the huge impact our Trust is having on our Community.

Kind Regards

Ashley Hackett

Chief Executive Officer