Budding detectives from Blackpool FC School learn about the dangers of gang culture

This week, detectives are working with Blackpool FC School pupils on an innovative prevention project.

Starting today, 14 budding detectives will investigate a fictitious crime and work with officers and staff from Blackpool Police to solve the case.

They will experience interviewing suspects and bringing them to Preston Crown Court, working at a crime scene with CSI, and listening to real-life victim stories from guest speakers.

The week-long programme aims to help students understand the dangers of county lines and gang culture, whilst learning new skills along the way such as teamwork, problem solving and decision making.

Detective Sergeant Brittany Shaw said,

“This is a really exciting project and we are looking forward to working with our new trainee detectives.

“We want these young people to recognise the signs of county lines and exploitation, and hopefully this exercise will do just that. Some of the signs can be hard to read, and we are hoping that the students will use this information to be positive role models within their community.

“The scenario we have created will really get their minds working and they will be able to experience a real insight into how we solve crimes.”