Brian Rose is Fit2Go at Bloomfield Road

Altogether Now – a Legacy for Blackpool Ambassador Brian Rose took time out of his training camp for his next fight to support Blackpool FC Community Trust’s delivery of the award winning healthy lifestyle project Fit2Go.

Brian Visit - HS F2G

The whole of Year 7 from Aspire Academy visited Bloomfield Road, to learn about healthy eating, good snacking and the importance of physical activity.

Over 140 pupils took part in a day filled with a range of activities and workshops, followed by a question and answer session with the professional boxer.

One of Brian’s sponsors CNP Nutrition also supplied some health drinks and snacks for pupils to try on the day.

Brian said “I really do enjoy getting involved in the Fit2Go sessions and giving something back to my community. This session was really important to me as I am an ex-Collegiate pupil, so helping my old school was something I really wanted to do.”

Ashley Hackett, Head of Community, said “Having Brian involved in the programme always brings a great element to the sessions; his professional knowledge and experience are always inspiring whenever he visits. Brian was really eager to be a part of this session; so much so, he made the journey back from Manchester between training sessions to get involved. We really appreciate his support and the kids always love to see him.”

The Fit2Go day was organised to support the schools transition to their new building and followed a day prior with the 75 year 8 pupils, who worked through elements of Blackpool FC Community Trust’s Enterprise Academy programme.