Blackpool FC Sports College: May 2024 Round-Up

Barcelona Trip

Some of our students went on a trip to Barcelona at the start of the month, they had the opportunity to enjoy several great experiences such as an Olympic Stadium tour, a live Basketball game, meals out, beach days and exploring the amazing city. Both students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the trip and we look forward to what next year’s trip will bring.

Attendance rewards

Level 2 students had the best attendance in April and were rewarded with a pizza and FIFA afternoon. This will now be a monthly competition between groups to try and win the monthly reward.

BTEC In house game on Bloomfield Road

On Tuesday 7th May we were invited to play on Bloomfield Road, BTEC and Degree students teamed up to play an 11-a-side fixture against each other. The students enjoyed the experience and showed great teamwork, sportsmanship, and competitive spirit. The match provided a unique opportunity for students to showcase their skills in a professional stadium setting, enhancing their practical learning, and fostering camaraderie among different cohorts in the college.

Scafell Pike Charity Walk

BTEC Level 3 second-year students planned and executed a charity walk up Scafell Pike as part of their assessments. The students demonstrated exceptional organisational and teamwork skills throughout the project. They planned the event and ensured all logistical aspects were covered, including route planning and safety measures. During the walk, they showed resilience, leadership, and strong communication abilities by motivating each other and ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being. Their efforts resulted in a successful event that met their assessment criteria and raised significant funds for their chosen charity. This showcases their commitment and dedication to making a positive impact on a local Blackpool charity – Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary.

Staff Observations

This month staff have all engaged in developmental observations from our partners. These observations included discussions with learners about their experiences at college. All feedback from the observers was very positive with staff showing their high standards and experiences of teaching.

GCSE Exams

GCSE Exams started this month and will continue into June. We wish all students the best of luck! GCSE exam results day is 22nd August 2024.

Curriculum updates

Ormerod Group – Students have participated in practice interviews with staff across the Trust. This enabled students to develop employability skills such as confidence and professionalism. Students are now reflecting on this experience to improve in the future.

Armfield Group – Students are finalising their event plans and justifying the impact of it in line with their measures of success.

Matthews Group – Completed their walk-up Scafell Pike as part of their assessment, raising money for a local Blackpool charity. They are now finalising the event plans and evaluating the potential success of the day. This is a great achievement, and students should be proud of themselves.

Level 2 – Students attended Roseacre Primary School to observe a Key Stage 2 PE lesson. Students have looked at the structure of curriculum PE lessons in college and took the opportunity to embed their knowledge through seeing real-life examples. They are now reflecting on these and comparing the PE curriculum to community sports.