Blackpool FC Sports College: March Round-Up

Guest Speakers

Amos Wynn, a sports journalist for the Blackpool Gazette, visited the college to offer students a glimpse into the specialised pathway of sports journalism, drawing from his own career pathway and professional experiences at various sports clubs. His session provided students with a comprehensive understanding of the essential professional skills and behaviours necessary to become a specialist in this area of work.

NatWest has dedicated two consecutive weeks to collaborating with our BTEC Level 2 and BTEC Level 3, Year 1 students, conducting workshops focused on financial literacy and fraud prevention. These sessions have provided valuable insights into credit scores, budget management, and the range of banking services available, including mortgages and various types of loans. Additionally, students have gained awareness about online scams and frauds, equipping them with knowledge on how to safeguard their finances.


Football Results

13th March Blackpool A Vs Manchester City (4-1 Win)

20th March Blackpool A Vs Burney (7-2 Win)

27th March Blackpool A Vs Burnley (4-1 Loss)

Blackpool B have only played one fixture this month and suffered a defeat against Accrington.



All BTEC students have engaged in reviews with their personal tutors and regional officers to evaluate their course progression, accomplishments, and areas for improvement. These sessions provided an opportunity for learners to explore their career aspirations and discuss how to achieve them. Documentation of these discussions will be distributed to parents/guardians, offering them insights into the topics covered and the targets set for the remainder of the academic year.


Open Evening

On Tuesday 19th March, we held an open evening for new potential students. This was to showcase the courses we offer at BTEC and Degree level and was a great opportunity to meet young people interested in Sports and Esports. Attendees actively participated in group and individual challenges designed to simulate classroom experiences, providing them with a taste of what to expect. Moreover, they had the chance to interact with our teaching staff, gaining valuable insights into the learning environment and educational approach. Parents and guardians were also welcome to tour our facilities and engage in discussions to address any queries or concerns they may have had.

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Curriculum Updates

Armfield Group – They have applied reflective and evaluative skills when discussing their coaching performance in the local community. Students have been able to analyse their coaching methods to justify their impact on local football participants within their coaching programme. For their sports event, they have reached their fundraising target of £500 in preparation for their charity walk from Deepdale to Bloomfield Road, in support of MIND UK.

Matthews Group – This group of learners have continued to develop coaching logs of their coaching performance and analyse the effect of their coaching methods on participants. They are in the process of planning their own sports event which is to walk up Scafell Pike and raise money for Easterly Animal Sanctuary which is a local animal charity in Blackpool.

Ormerod Group – They have recently been finalizing the last sessions for their coaching delivery and have been examining the structure of sport in the UK. Extended learners have been studying stress, anxiety, arousal and team dynamics and the impact that these have on individual and team performance and are about to assess for and planning of a 4-week psychological training programme.

BTEC Level 2 – This group have been looking at the PE and extracurricular lessons that are delivered in a local primary school and how they help to develop primary school children. They have partnered up with degree students to develop their coaching qualities, delivering to each other, ready for their assessments.