Blackpool FC Sports College give back to their local community!

As part of Blackpool FC Sports College induction week, the students signed up to complete the NCS Programme and over the past three weeks they have been planning and delivering different social action projects.

The different BTEC groups have been going to different locations within Blackpool to do something productive and leave their mark.

Our first year Level 3 and first year Level 2 students went to AFC Blackpool to support with different maintenance jobs around the ground. They were at AFC Blackpool over the space of three weeks and transformed the front of the ground by digging up all the weeds and green growth. They also cleared the outer barrier around the pitch and the north stand of weeds.

Alan from AFC Blackpool said “It is always appreciated to get help especially from Blackpool FC Community Trust. All the students have made a real difference to the ground. AFC Blackpool is where they play their home fixtures, so it is really positive to see them caring for the ground they play on.”

Another group decided to leave their mark within the local community in Revoe.

Over the space of three weeks, they went to a community church and cleaned the outside of the area from rubble and over grown weeds. They smashed through it and Revoelution were amazed by their effort and have thanked the group for their hard work and determination.

The groups tutor Andy stated, “The group showed high levels of cohesion and togetherness in order to improve the condition of the local community areas such as Revoe park. The students were professional, hardworking and showed a good understanding of the impact their work would have on members of the Revoe Community.” 

Joe who is the NCS Social Action coordinator said “All the groups have shown real character and determination to make a difference and leave their mark within the town. If all the students show these qualities and skills within their day to day lives, they will all have successful careers in whatever they set their sights on. Well done from all the staff at NCS.”