Blackpool FC Sports College February Round Up

Guest Speakers

  • Knife Crime – This month we have had the police in to deliver a knife crime workshop to educate students on the importance of keeping themselves safe and empowering them to make informed decisions.
  • Refereeing opportunities – Students have been informed about a new opportunity that is available with the Trust. Students have met with Trust Staff member, Seb to discuss becoming a referee for the football leagues that are held at Aspire Sports Hub weekly. This will be a paid role and if committed will be put through NGB referee qualifications, all expenses covered by the Trust.
  • Sexual Health – The NHS delivered a workshop about various aspects of sexual health, promoting healthy behaviors, and providing resources for accessing sexual health services.

Academy Tournament

As we came to the end of the football coaching sessions delivered by Blackpool FC Under 18s Academy lads, we celebrated the final week with a tournament for the whole college held at Stanley Park. With this falling on the Thursday before half term, it was a nice way to finish the week with most footballers getting involved. The college students were split into four different teams, and all competed against each other to come out on top. Despite the bad weather, the students remained undeterred, showcasing their passion for the sport and were a credit to the college and themselves. We look forward to continuing this partnership in the future and creating more opportunities for students to engage with other professionals in and around the football ground.

Curriculum progress

We are now over halfway through the academic year and students have recently moved onto new module topics at all levels.

BTEC Level 3, year 2 – Currently studying Applied coaching skills and Organising Events. Our students have come up with some great ideas and are on with the planning of the event, with the hopes of supporting some amazing charities.

BTEC Level 3, Year 1 – this group has just started Careers in sports, looking at the structure of sports and employment opportunities.

BTEC Sport Level 2 – Are now looking at PE and school sports delivery and coaching. They have observed coaches and are using this information to support their own coaching delivery assessments in the near future.

Students asked… We delivered!

After half term, we asked students to leave anonymous comments in a box around the college. We love to hear all the great things our learners have to say about their college experience but it’s good to find out what they would like more of. After reading all the comments we are introducing a new lunchtime enrichment programme every day for students to participate in if they wish.

  1. Game Zone
  2. Pool
  3. Table Tennis
  4. Football (although awaiting warmer days)