Blackpool FC School National Literacy Trust's take part in 'Words that Count'

In March, Blackpool FC School students took part in a focus group with Ecorys, a global research-based marketing company, about a National Literacy Trust’s training programme, Words that Count. Students were tasked to discuss activities they have carried out in school that relate to finances and budgeting, they were then asked to order them in terms of usefulness and enjoyment. Students each received a voucher for participating and representing the school exceptionally.

To support ongoing efforts to improve reading and literacy within the school, Blackpool FC School have delivered several National Literacy Trust programmes including:

  • Skills Academy – a football-themed reading intervention.
  • Empower – aimed at supporting girls in alternative provision to make more informed choices on the internet.
  • Words that Count – financial literacy.
  • Represent – using engaging texts to support communication, resilience and wellbeing.

Curriculum Manager at Blackpool FC School, Gemma Clayton said,

“The National Literacy Trust has been a great support in helping Blackpool FC School embed literacy and reading across the curriculum. From providing us with age-appropriate reading materials for our classroom libraries to offering training and resources to deliver targeted intervention programmes to our pupils, some of whom have complex literacy needs. Pupils reading ages have overall improved since October month on month, and the delivery of National Literacy Trust programmes has certainly contributed to this.”

One of the senior project managers for National Literacy Trust, had this to say about us recently,

“It’s been a pleasure collaborating with Blackpool FC School. We’re proud to see our partnership making a difference in empowering young learners with essential literacy skills for life. Blackpool FC School has not only championed our programmes but also played a crucial role in their development and we are incredibly grateful to Blackpool FC school staff, whose unwavering support and advocacy for their students has been invaluable. We were delighted when students from Blackpool FC School agreed to be featured in a showcase video for our Empower programme, which was shared with the entire National Literacy Trust. Being able to showcase the work that BFCCT does and our partnership, inspired our entire organisation. We are grateful for the ongoing partnership and look forward to continuing to make a difference together.”

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