Blackpool FC players Make Special Visits As Part of Fit2Go

Blackpool FC players Henry Cameron, Will Aimson, Eddie Nolan and Mark Cullen made surprise visits for Year 4 pupils at two local Blackpool primary schools, on Monday afternoon.

Henry Cameron and Will Aimson visited Devonshire Primary School, whilst Eddie Nolan and Mark Cullen attended Claremont Community Primary School to discuss Fit2Go.

Fit2Go aims to encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle, take part in regular physical activity and to join in with local sports clubs and community programmes which will ultimately improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Pupils from both primary schools, threw a range of questions at the players including their physical activity programme, healthy lifestyle choices as well as many more.

On making healthy lifestyle choices Mark Cullen said, “It’s important that we eat well all week. As players, we eat our proteins, fruits and vegetables on a day to day basis.”

Eddie Nolan urged the children to get involved in as much physical activity as possible. “When I was at primary school, all I wanted to do was play football. I’ve been playing football since I was 5 years old. A lot of young people are staying indoors instead of going outside and playing sports, so, I recommend all young people to get involved in physical activity.”

Henry Cameron & Will Aimson
Will Aimson and Henry Cameron answered numerous questions from Year 4 pupils at Devonshire Primary School

Henry Cameron and Will Aimson repeated the sentiments of Mark Cullen and Eddie Nolan, whilst discussing what they would be doing if they weren’t professional football players. Henry said, “We make sure we eat the right food because it helps us train and recover. Fitness levels are important in football so it’s vital you eat and train right. If I wasn’t a football player, I’d probably be working with dad and selling cars for a living.”

Will Aimson said, “As football players we have to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat the correct food such as fruits and vegetables. We eat these types of food because it helps us recover from games and when we are training. If I wasn’t a football player, I would probably be playing golf.”

For more information on Blackpool FC Community Trust’s Fit2Go programme, call us on 01253 348691