Blackpool FC Community Trust's Player Ambassadors

Blackpool FC Community Trust are delighted to unveil our Player Ambassadors for the 2016/17 season.

Blackpool FC captain, Danny Pugh has been named Blackpool FC Community Trust’s official Futsal Ambassador. Defender, Andy Taylor has been named as Education Ambassador whilst goalkeeper, Sam Slocombe is Health Ambassador. Fellow goalkeeper, Myles Boney is NCS Ambassador and completing the list is Kelvin Mellor who is our Social Inclusion Ambassador.

The Player Ambassadors will play a pivotal role in the excellent community work, the Blackpool FC Community Trust do on a regular basis.

Danny Pugh was keen to get involved as Futsal Ambassador. Danny said, “Futsal is a fantastic opportunity to improve certain aspects of your football game. It improves your first touch, masters your technique and develops your decision-making skills when in possession. Many great players have credited the role Futsal has played in their careers, and the BTEC courses offered by Blackpool FC Community Trust cover Futsal if you choose to go down that pathway.”

Andy Taylor, believes it is crucial children take advantage of education. Andy said, “It’s important to encourage children and help them to maximise their full potential. By working hard at your education and attending school on regular basis, you can become anything you want to be in life.”

Sam Slocombe heaped praise on Blackpool FC Community Trust’s flagship Fit2Go programme, which promotes a healthy lifestyle. Sam, said “Leading a healthy lifestyle is crucial. The Fit2Go programme the Community Trust run is an excellent opportunity for children to educate themselves on the difference between good nutrition and bad nutrition. There’s also the Family Fit2Go and Better Start Fit2Go which the Trust deliver and it’s a brilliant way for families to learn basic and advanced knowledge on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Myles Boney was eager to get involved with the NCS programme as he participated on the programme in 2014. Myles said, “NCS is a fantastic programme. I did it myself a few years ago when I was 16 and it’s great. We did numerous activities and it really builds up confidence.” Blackpool FC Community Trust run the National Citizen Service programme which consists of an away residential, a home residential and social action project including both planning and delivery.

Kelvin Mellor, who has enjoyed a fine start to the season, believes the local and wider Blackpool community should utilise the fantastic programmes the Trust deliver on a daily basis. Kelvin said, “My advice for children is to get involved. And by get involved, I mean participate in everything possible. As Social Inclusion Ambassador, I want children to play as much sports as possible. The Trust offer a wide range of fantastic programmes and I’ve seen first-hand the excellent work the