Blackpool FC Community Trust Launch a NCS Youth Board

From recent NCS waves Summer and Autumn, the response from Young Adults to carry on their NCS journey has been somewhat amazing.

Here at the trust we have launched our new local Youth Board for NCS Graduates. This is an opportunity for NCS Graduates to carry on their NCS journey. The Youth Board will give the young adults a chance to thrive whilst gaining a wide range of knowledge and skills that will help them with their future. 

On Thursday 24thOctober the Community Trust held the first meeting for the Youth Board with 16 Young Adults attending.

They aim to plan and develop project ideas that will help give back to the local community. Some ideas mentioned in the first meeting were; raise money for a local charity, raise awareness for different local initiatives, participate in local sponsored events and help the local community.

Laura Pratley, one of the Youth Board members said: “It has helped me be more confident and talkative. I am more mature and have gained more skills.  I am more independent.”

The Youth Board is open to any Graduate who came on NCS with Blackpool FC Community Trust.  It is a great opportunity to carry on professional development, be part of something productive within a NCS setting and also contribute to the local community.

Joe Stockell, Social Inclusion Officer who is leading the Youth Board said:

“This is a great opportunity for Young Adults, or even Adults who have participated in NCS, to get involved and do something they are passionate about. I took part in NCS and because I said YES, my life changed forever. I gained a lot of confidence and passion for helping other people find their path and meaning in life. Because of NCS I was able to Volunteer and then become a Summer Leader for many years. The knowledge, experiences and qualifications I gained, have lead me to become a full time member of staff at Blackpool FC Community Trust  and I am living my career ambition, just like you can live yours.”

The Youth Board will meet weekly with their next meeting taking place on Thursday 31stOctober 2019.

For more information on Blackpool FC Community Trust; call 01253 348 691, visit: or follow BFCCT on social media.