Blackpool FC Community Trust Educate Primary School Staff All Across Blackpool

Blackpool FC Community Trust has been providing assistance to over 50 members of primary school staff across Blackpool, through Continuous Professional Development (CPD) workshops.

Continuous Professional Development workshops are designed to support primary school staff with their delivery of high quality P.E.

The workshops will improve and refresh knowledge of the P.E curriculum, as well as provide innovative ideas on how to deliver P.E within their school. The CPD workshops are held at the stadium of Blackpool F.C – Bloomfield Road and allow school staff to network with one another. The workshops cover a range of subjects which include gymnastics, dance and lunchtime activities.

Senior Physical Education Officer, Chris Debar believes the CPD programme is an excellent opportunity for school staff to strengthen their skills as a P.E specialist. Chris said, “The CPD workshops we’ve delivered have been well received by those who attended. We are fully committed to supporting the delivery of P.E and the workshops are a fantastic way of enabling us to do so.”

Chris added, “The feedback has been excellent, with 90% of the school staff feeling their confidence has vastly improved as a result of the workshops. Hopefully the school staff are able to implement what they have gained from the workshops, which will have a positive impact on the pupils.”

Primary schools that have a gold, silver or bronze package also have the option of a bespoke CPD workshop to be held at their school during an inset day of their choice. This allows the Trust to provide school staff ideas as to how their current school resources can best be utilised for P.E lessons.