Aiden Enjoys Day Out as Mascot

Blackpool FC Community Trust provided young Blackpool fan Aiden a day he won’t forget, being the official mascot for Blackpool FC, in the 4-0 win against Notts County.

Aiden Wilmot, was chosen by Moor Park Primary School to be official mascot, as part of our School Sport Provision.

Aiden had the opportunity to meet and greet the players, engage in half-time activities on the pitch and walk out the tunnel, with the Blackpool FC captain Danny Pugh.

Charlotte Wilmot, Aiden’s mother, was delighted with the experience her son received. She said, “Aiden really enjoyed the day. He was really excited about taking penalties against Bloomfield Bear. The highlight of his day was meeting the players and seeing the dressing room, I dont think Aiden ever thought he would be in a position to do anything like that ever.”

Charlotte added, “He loved the day and has not stopped talking about it. I have only just been able to get the Blackpool kit off him to be able to wash it as he hasn’t had it off. Thank you for giving him such a fantastic day he will remember for the rest of his life.”