Year 9's from St Mary's Attend Trust Workshop

Blackpool FC Community Trust delivered a GCSE P.E workshop for Year 9 students from St Mary’s High School, where 39 students attended.

The workshop was part of our Fit2Go programme which gave the students a better understanding of physical activity and healthy eating – two things the students will learn about during their GCSE P.E classes.

Fit2Go aims to encourage children to lead a healthy lifestyle, take part in regular physical activity and to join in with local sports clubs and community programmes which will ultimately improve their overall health and wellbeing.

The workshop consisted of engaging activities based around the circulatory system and social-cultural influences in sport. The students also took part in a physical activity session based on aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Health and Education Officers, Simon Smith and Rafi Leker delivered the workshop. Simon said, “This was a great opportunity for the students to get out of the school, and come into a football club, in different surroundings to learn a deeper understanding of some of the content of GCSE P.E. The afternoon went extremely well and the students applied themselves superbly.”

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