The Gulp Challenge Returns

GULP Challenge 

Following on from the success of the last two years we are happy to let you know that the Fit2Go Team will be launching the GULP Challenge 2019 w/c 23rd April.  The GULP Challenge is a fantastic free health initiative provided by Blackpool Council and delivered by our Fit2Go Team.

GULP (Give Up Loving Pop) is a challenge aimed at encouraging children to make healthy changes to their drinking habits by keeping a log in their GULP diaries.

Each school will have more information about the challenge.  The class with the most pop free days will receive a complementary trip to Blackpool High Ropes at Stanley Park. The GULP Challenge will be offered to ALL Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 classes across Blackpool.

Joseph Dodoo, our Health Ambassador, endorses the campaign along with the rest of the squad.

Joseph said, “This is a great idea to teach children about the importance of healthy choices in their diet. Good luck to all the children who are taking part”.