New Programme: Changing Rooms is making a difference

We asked participants taking part in the new Changing Rooms programme how they are feeling and what impact the course is having on them.

Ricky – ‘This is a course that people can enjoy, the group and the staff are fantastic. I have been doing things that I would not normally do, however my mental and physical health has improved since starting the programme. I feel content in a group now and do not feel isolated.’

Ricky used to eat 3 / 4 kebabs a week and would be constantly drinking energy drinks. He now hasn’t had a kebab in 4 weeks and doesn’t drink energy drinks at all.

Sabrina – ‘The course so far has been great, fun and easy going. I do not suffer with my anxiety as much anymore. Before the programme, I really struggled to go into a shop without having a panic attack. This programme has helped me so much so far that I can now go shopping without a struggle.’

On the first occasion that the group met, Sabrina couldn’t come into the room and on the second occasion, Sabrina could only stand in the door way and pop her head in. Sabrina is now an integral part of the group and has really come out of her shell as her personality shines each week and spreads joy across the group. She is also extremely supportive with the others in the group.