The Programme

Through support from Beaverbrooks Charitable Trust, the Community Trust deliver a Blackpool focussed, Enterprise programme.

Delivered by the Community Trust High School Hubs mentors, the programme engages, inspires, and unlocks potential in Year 8 pupils by introducing them to business and entrepreneurship, developing essential enterprise and employability skills whilst supporting young people on their education and career pathways.

CEO of Blackpool FC Community Trust, Ashley Hackett said;

“Our Enterprise programme, with the support from Beaverbrooks, who I cannot say enough great things about, will help to guide a lot of young people along their path to great things.”

Pupils will take part in the ‘Enterprise Challenge’ toward the latter stages of the programme, which has been set up by funders to identify a business gap or need and to develop a plan to address this. The challenge will include a Dragon’s Den style activity including a board of ‘dragons’ from local Blackpool based companies, including both Blackpool FC Community Trust and Beaverbrooks.

It is anticipated that over 150 pupils in Blackpool will take part in the programme during the year with the grand final of the Enterprise Challenge taking place at the home of The Seasiders, Bloomfield Road Stadium.

Susie Nicholas, a Trustee of the Beaverbrooks Charitable Trust commented;

“We are very excited to be supporting Blackpool FC Community Trust by funding their exciting Enterprise Programme. It’s a fantastic programme which will inspire local young people to explore opportunities available to them in the world of business and the team at Beaverbrooks are very excited to be getting involved with the project and Blackpool FC Community Trust.”

High School Hubs

The High School Hub programme is made up of three core programmes which are highlighted below. They provide further support to pupils in Blackpool schools alongside their academic pathways.