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High School Hubs

1 - 1 Mentoring

We offer 1:1 mentoring to young people aged 11-16 within the High School setting. Each week students work with their mentor to build their resilience, confidence and self-esteem. Mentors help pupils to cope with stress and implement strategies in how to overcome difficulties they may face in their lives.

PL Inspires

Premier League Inspires is a 15-week, positive mental health and resilience programme. It is delivered once a week, to selected Year 9 pupils across Blackpool. The primary focus of PL Inspires is to help young people reach their potential by ensuring they’re engaged, inspired, and develop the coping strategies to support them through the challenges of life.


In partnership with Beaverbrooks, our Enterprise programme is designed to raise aspirations of young people and create a positive focus on the amazing career opportunities available in Blackpool! The programme aims to enhance skills including resilience, confidence, financial capability, and initiative. The programme is delivered to Year 8 pupils in all eight of Blackpool’s High Schools and some ‘Alternative Education’ provisions too.