Enterprise Challenge Helping Lives

Blackpool FC Community Trust’s Premier League Enterprise Academy has been making an impact on young people’s lives.

That’s the case for Unity Academy student Bailey Lister, who managed to make £90 from just a £5 investment – with some of which being donated to a charity close to his heart.

The Premier League Enterprise Academy is delivered in high schools across Blackpool through classroom workshops that are designed to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. The programme uses the Community Trust to give young people an insight into business in the sports industry and gives them the opportunity to acquire and develop entrepreneurial skills as well as real life skills that can be utilised in the future.

Bailey said, “I made £90 from the £5 challenge. My business idea was to grow tomato plants and sunflowers, which I looked after on a daily basis, until they sprouted. I sold them for £1 each and was delighted to make £90 from it. Wilkinsons were very kind and donated me a number of plant pots to help me with my business idea. I’d like to thank Blackpool FC Community Trust for giving me more confidence in myself and helping me learn more about the business world.”

Bailey added, “I donated my money to PDSA. I chose this place because my dog got hurt badly and she had to get metal plates in her legs and to get her treated at a private vet would’ve cost thousands but PDSA helped me with treating my dog which was affordable for me and my family. So I thought it was right to give something back to them.”

The Trust’s Enterprise Officer, Jack Shields has been delighted with Bailey’s progress during the Enterprise programme. Jack said, “Bailey’s behavior has improved drastically since he first started the Premier League Enterprise programme. Initially, his reports from school highlighted his poor attendance and lack of participation in class. However, as the weeks went on, it was clear that Bailey had a natural interest in business and by linking it with a subject he feels passionately about, he excelled, attended every session with a smile on his face and displayed a great attitude towards learning and helping his classmates.”

As a reward for his improvement and behavior, Bailey often helps out in the allotment at Unity. Horticultural instructor Paul Davenport was full of praise towards Bailey. Paul said, “Bailey is a shining example of how this (rewarding people) should work. He’s turned his behavior and poor attendance around and it’s brilliant to see. It’s a pity that there aren’t more lads like Bailey and I think he will have a bright future if he continues to apply himself as he has during the Premier League Enterprise Academy work”.

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