Armed Forces: Imperial War Museum Trip

Last Friday we invited a group of 10 veterans to a trip to the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester. In order to get ahead of the Friday traffic we met up outside Bloomfield Road Stadium early in the morning, all those in attendance were looking forward to the day’s activities.

Once we arrived at the Imperial War Museum, we were greeted by friendly staff who were helpful with all aspects of the museum and were on hand to answer any questions we had. Around the museum, there were several volunteers who were very knowledgeable in all aspects of the displays, from World War 1 to the present day.

The whole experience of the Museum was fantastic and enjoyed by all. With displays from different eras and conflicts from around the world, there was an opportunity for learning at every corner.

Our Veterans enjoyed the day out and have requested more trips to other Museums and historic landmarks around the country over the coming months.

Tony Coding, Community Engagement Officer, said, “It was great to see our veterans enjoying themselves throughout the day, the visit was very informative for them. I feel the trip has helped some of our veterans with social isolation and provided a coping mechanism for them.”

These trips aim to help our local veterans with their mental health, improving social interaction, preventing isolation, improving confidence and self-esteem.

One of the veterans on the trip said, “It’s worth the trip to visit and you won’t want to leave. A big thanks to Tony for making it so easy for us to visit the Imperial War Museum North as without his effort it’s not likely something I ever would have been able to visit.”

Some feedback we received from the trip was that the museum was great with lots of information. It was a brilliant and enjoyable day with veterans saying how well organised the day was and the timings were spot on for travelling. More trips and events will be planned for over the next coming year.

This outing was held through support from the Veterans’ Foundation. The Veterans’ Foundation exists to support other smaller charities and their causes. They help organizations to deliver life-changing projects like ours here at Blackpool FC Community Trust.