Teacher Support & CPD Workshops

The Programme

Delivered over a minimum of 11 weeks, teacher support takes place during curriculum time as face-to-face provision.

Our support combines guidance, demonstrations of different approaches and content that will actively involve the teachers in delivery. Teachers will therefore play a key role in the delivery and are not expected to simply observe. This we believe is the best practice to maximise learning and thus create a positive experience for the teacher being supported.

Teachers will play a key role in planning medium-term and short-term plans before, and through the support using our Premier League Primary Stars planning tools.

Pre and post-evaluations are carried out to track teacher progression.


These workshops are for primary school teachers and provide continuous professional development (CPD) in delivery technique, knowledge and confidence in PE.

They can be delivered over several subjects to help with the needs of core delivery such as differentiation in PE, assessment for learning, attacking and defending principles, intervention strategies, variety of learning styles, lesson structure, and incorporating PLPS and school values within PE lessons.

The workshops available include:

  • Incorporating Assessment for Learning
  • Differentiation
  • Attacking and Defending principles
  • Understanding Afpe-s Head-Hands-Heart model
  • General games/activities suitable for PE
  • Key Stage specific National curriculum lesson design and content