At Tiny Tangerines, our development programme aligns with the training philosophy of our Pre-Academy, ensuring your child is well-prepared for the next chapter in their football journey.

One parent shared their experience:

“My son has truly cherished his time at Tiny Tangerines. The dedicated coaches have not only nurtured his physical development but also ignited a passion for practicing his skills at home. These sessions have equipped him with the essential skills, confidence, and self-belief required to excel at the Pre-Academy.”


One parent shared their experience:

“My son loved his time with Tiny Tangerines; the fundamental skills he was taught and the way in which they were delivered really lit a passion for football inside of him.

Constantly having a ball at his feet from the moment he arrived till the moment he left has played a huge part in how comfortable he is with the ball and how he likes to express himself on the pitch as he begins his journey through pre-academy.

None of this would have been possible without the fun learning environment the coaches created at Tiny Tangerines.

It was through Tiny Tangerines that my son was invited to pre-academy and without the coaches recommendation, belief and guidance he most probably wouldn’t be half the player he is today.”