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Move More

The Programme

Move More brings together the local community & local organisations to create & deliver a plan that is right for the identified wards in the town. In the initial phase this will be Park Ward and Central West corridor as identified during the initial consultation. It is part of a national programme, Active Through Football, which is delivered by the Football Foundation and Sport England.

The project is ringfenced for the Bloomfield, Tyldesley, Victoria and Park wards of Blackpool, focussing on both mental and physical wellbeing, as well as weight management. When it comes to being active, we want to engage, motivate and inspire local communities to take ownership of what is important to them.

Working together with local partners, we have five years of funding to set up a wide-range of football-related activities from exercise classes to walking football – and a whole lot more in-between. As a team, we are working in new ways to give communities the best possible opportunity to be able to sustain activity, even after the initial funding comes to an end.

Through attending sessions you’ll not only get fitter, you’ll also be interacting with others and enjoying yourself and that’s all key to being healthier and happier.

We’re specifically reaching out to working-age adults, so if that applies to you and you fancy getting off the metaphorical bench and signing up then get in touch.

Community engagement has been placed at the heart of this project and will be used to inform decisions moving forwards. The best community projects are designed and delivered in partnership with the community, and we want to ensure that the local community feel included & valued so that they want to take part in activities and use the facilities available to them. We want to build relationships and trust by listening & talking to people to understand their needs throughout the duration of the project.

Get involved

There’s indoor football-themed exercise classes, outdoor social football sessions, walking football and social get-togethers where you can chat and reminisce about the game we love.

ALL sessions are inclusive, welcoming and fun. Some are family friendly, so little ones can get a kick out of it too and you don’t have to worry about childcare.

Most importantly, it’s the Park ward and Central Blackpool community shaping the programme.

This initiative has the freedom to evolve and is a chance to approach physical activity differently; that means we’ll keep engaging, we’ll keep listening and we’ll adapt and change it to suit what you, the Park ward, and Central West communities, would like to see in place.

The ultimate goal is to improve lives and create lasting change, using football as an enjoyable way to get more active and come together as a community.

Who knows, you may discover a passion for the game!

For anyone wanting to progress beyond classes and walking football, there’ll be support to join local leagues or connect with other social football groups to arrange friendly matches. We’ll also be hosting themed events so the whole community can come together and cheer on family and friends.

If you’d like to give it a go and meet people just like you looking to kickstart change, take a look at our session timetable – we’ll be adding weekly activities as the scheme progresses.

We will add new sessions to this timetable as and when they are confirmed.

Volunteer with us

For those interested in exploring a career in sports development, becoming a coach or referee; there will be a number of volunteer opportunities available as the scheme develops. Volunteering can give you a great insight into the varied roles and careers available within the sport and help you learn and develop new skills whilst being a valued member of the team. Look out for volunteering opportunities coming up very soon.

Aspire Fives

Brand new 5 aside leagues have arrived in Blackpool, hosted at Aspire Sports Hub. Starting 11/09/2023 and will run for 14 weeks per season.

The Sessions

Chair based exercise:
Low level exercise getting you moving more with basic exercises using minimal equipment all whilst seated.

Female Walking Football:
A slow paced version of the game we love where you will be able to develop skills, meet new people and regain your love for the beautiful game.

A 45-minute circuit session combining resistance training with high intensity cardio. Rotate through a series of stations with minimal rest in between each set designed to target strength building and muscular endurance.

Box Fit
Want to learn to box?

Want to feel empowered?

Want to get fit?

Want to make new friends?

Join Kim in our new boxing for fitness classes starting Tuesday 8th August at Bloomfield Road.

Learn the skills to fight yourself fit!

Classes incorporate a high intensity workout with correct technique in a fun environment through pad work, combinations and bodyweight exercises.

What are we trying to achieve?

INSIGHT – Increased understanding of opportunities/barriers for target audience to play football, through community engagement

COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP – Increased involvement of target audience in design and delivery of activities through ongoing community engagement.

INCREASED ACTIVITY – Increased activity levels in people aged 16+ from target audience through football.

BEHAVIOUR CHANGE– Target audience sustain improved long-term physical activity habits through behaviour change.

Working Together

For the biggest impact to be achieved, we know that collaboration is key & doesn’t just sit with one organisation.

A range of organisations & community groups from across Blackpool will work in partnership to share learnings & experience of the people and local community of the areas identified.

Move More is funded by the National Lottery and delivered by the Football Foundation. Working as part of a consortium with key partners, including Blackpool Council’s Public Health teams, Active Blackpool, Lancashire FA, and Active Lancashire, the approach consists of targeting working-age adults who live or work in the Park Ward and Central West corridor, to become more active through football. The intended benefits will be numerous but primarily will focus on improved physical and mental health and wellbeing.