Educational Activations

PGMOL workshops are co-delivered with Professional Game Match Officials to educate pupils on the pressures and demands of professional referees. There is an interactive workshop that incorporates kit, and equipment used by referees, and embeds learning through values such as resilience, respect and fairness.

Schools that buy into services and receive our Targeted Intervention programme Unstoppable, can receive a meet the author Q and A session through a virtual or face to face event with the Author of the book, Dan Freedman. This inspires and reinforces knowledge learnt through the book and the classroom sessions, as Dan provides his insight into characters and relationships in his book, and how he became an award winning author.

Protect the planet is a programme designed and delivered as part of Premier League Primary Stars in partnership with #IWILL to help young people create change in their local communities through youth led social action.

Over six weeks groups learn about different challenges the planet and environment are facing, researched how the school could be greener, and they create their own social action project to help improve the schools carbon footprint and become more environmentally sustainable.