So far the participants who have completed the FIT Blackpool programme have lost 463kg in weight and 837cm from around their waist!!!

Delivered as part of the EFL network and funded by Sport England, FIT BLACKPOOL is a FREE 12-week weight management programme where you will meet other fans just like you and get to see behind the scenes at Blackpool Football Club. The programme will help fans to make better lifestyle choices.

With support from our staff and from other group members you will get tips to:

  • Improve your eating habits.
  • Cut down on alcohol.
  • Increase your activity levels – one step at a time!
  • Reduced your weight and waistline.
  • Support each other to stay on track.

The 12-week programme begins with a ‘week zero’ session which includes an initial health check and a discussion about what to expect from the course.

The 12 weeks that follow are split between classroom health and education workshops and physical activity sessions.

We deliver both male and female specific programmes for those who meet the following criteria:

Female participants – aged 35 -65, are eligible to take part in this programme if they have a BMI of 28+ and a waist size of 31 inches.

Male participants – aged 35-65, are eligible to take part in this programme if they have a BMI of 28+ or a waist size of 37+ inches.

The FIT Blackpool programme will make a return in September 2021. Please note that you are able to register your interest for the programme at any point. >>> Register interest here <<<

Blackpool FC Community Trust, Health and Wellbeing Officer, Seb Draper, has encouraged anyone who is wanting to lose weight or generally improve their health and wellbeing to get in touch. Seb said,The main aims of FIT Blackpool is to increase knowledge of diet, nutrition and physical activity to help encourage participants to improve their lifestyle choices. The programme has been extremely successful, and we have been fortunate enough to witness participants make substantial changes and be able to maintain them. I love the fact that we still have contact with participants who started the programme 3 years ago and we are still able to support them with their weight loss journey.”

For further information or to register an interest in the FIT Blackpool programme please contact Seb Draper:


T: 07597786098

Hear From Participants

‘I met a bunch of similar people with the same problems and seeing them willing to do everything only gave me more motivation. Having the workouts every week really showed me how much I was capable of and that I could really push myself. The classroom lessons backed it up and they were kept interesting and interactive to build up friendships in the group. Set in the football club made it more interested than a gym or school. I loved the outdoor session around the pitch. The visible ‘your weight loss in sand’ exercise was alarming, just how heavy it was with just a few pounds or more. Really made a difference and kept motivation high’. – Helen Hoban (Fit Blackpool participant)

‘There is no doubt that I feel so much better within myself, let alone looking better. I no longer have sleep apnoea and I am able to have a good night’s sleep. My blood pressure has reduced and is now considered to be in the normal range. I feel so much more active and no longer crave the snacks which had become part and parcel of everyday life. Taking exercise has become so much easier and I no longer get out of breath so easily. I have dropped 6 inches from my waist size as well as a noticeable reduction in body shape/size’. – James Priestley (Fit Blackpool participant)

James talks about his experience on the Fit Blackpool programme