Youth Sports Justice Funding

Sport and physical activity can be massive in “turning young lives around”. Following the launch of a groundbreaking new fund, more than 200 grassroots organisations across England and Wales have been awarded funding from the Government’s £5million Youth Justice Sport Fund and we are pleased to announce that we are one of them.

We will be using this funding to enhance our capacity in supporting vulnerable young people at risk of violence.


Matt Hilton, Deputy Chief Executive of the Community Trust, said:

“This early intervention programme will focus on preventing young people from becoming involved in anti-social behaviour and/or crime through one-to-one mentoring in a variety of sports, to engage young people and build a positive relationship, with a key focus being on goal setting and improving young people’s behaviour at home, school and in the community”

“We know from past experience that when working with young people that if we give them a purpose, a team spirit, then responsibility and good behaviour follows, which in turn can lead to a strong focus on citizenship and supporting those that are in need within our own community”.


This funding is in place to strengthen and compliment the current Tower Above programme.