Tier II Weight Management Blackpool: Sept-Dec 2021

To celebrate the partnership between Blackpool FC Community Trust and Active Blackpool, the two teams wanted to share with you some of the early success stories of the interventions so far. Both Making Moves and Fit Blackpool have seen cohorts of individuals complete their 12 week programme, delivered at a number of community locations across Blackpool.

The free to attend Public Health commissioned programmes from Active Blackpool and Blackpool FC Community Trust are aimed at providing a service to improve the health and wellbeing of all participants. Throughout the duration of the 12 week intervention, individuals who participate will learn valuable knowledge on nutrition themes that include the ‘Eatwell’ guide, food groups, portion sizes and food labels. Losing weight is the ultimate aim for everyone taking part and to emphasise the importance of maintaining weight loss is the provision of gentle physical activity on a weekly basis, which takes place either on the programme, on a separate day or at regular maintenance groups. Creating a new routine that includes being more active on a daily basis will help individuals reach their goals, especially when providing their bodies with good nutrition.

Obesity is a complex problem, with many drivers that can be can be outside of the control of the individual. Income, social deprivation and the density of fast food and takeaway outlets are just some of the drivers that have an important impact on the likelihood of become overweight or obese, and Blackpool is one of the most deprived local authorities in England, and has one of the highest rates of fast food outlets of all local authorities in the country. We were, therefore, delighted to receive some funding from central government to enable us to commission two weight management services for our adult population. This will allow us to help some of our residents start on their journey to a healthier lifestyle and healthier weight.” (Alan Shaw – Public Health Practitioner)

Who Tier II weight management is aimed towards…

  • All Blackpool residents or individuals registered at a Blackpool GP.
  • Adults aged 18+ with a BMI between 25-39.9.
  • Please do get in touch if your own or your client’s BMI is close to our criteria as both organisationsprovide additional and suitable provision.

“In 2018 Blackpool FC Community Trust launched their FIT Blackpool programme, supporting residents of the town achieve their desired goals. From September 2021, we were proud to start delivering the programme in the community. This enabled us to break down those barriers such as transport, with FIT Blackpool now more accessible than ever. We are really proud of each and every person who has taken part in the cohorts, with all making significant progress.” (Seb Draper, Community Engagement Team Leader- Blackpool FC Community Trust).

“This programme has saved my life; I know that some will think that is dramatic, but I was on a downward spiral…Now I eat my 5 a day which was unheard, enjoy exercising and finally living life and not just existing. I feel like I have got my life back.” (Current FIT Blackpool Participant)

Blackpool FC Community Trust:
To refer via Email: 
To refer via Phone: 07731 122054
Address: Bloomfield Road Stadium, Seasiders Way, Blackpool, FY1 6JJ

“Making Moves is Active Blackpool’s traditional Tier II weight management programme which has seen over 30 adults start their programme, with the first cohorts completing in December 2021. Clients have built an excellent rapport with the instructors are really looking forward to keeping in touch at regular follow ups, tea/coffee mornings and activity sessions in the new year. Well done to everyone who has completed their programme.” (Martin Hibberd, Active Lives Development Officer)

“I’ve spent my whole life on a diet and nothing I haveever attempted before has been this informative and makes as much sense. For the first time I am starting to feel in control of my eating and not that I have to restrict certain things, and all this is after 2 weeks. I can’t speak highly enough of this programme.”(Making Moves Client 1, December 2021)

Making Moves:
To refer Online: 
Making Moves (blackpool.gov.uk)  To refer via Email: making.moves@blackpool.gov.uk  To refer via Phone: 07796 994864
Address: Active Blackpool, Blackpool Sports Centre, FY3 9HQ

Before being on Making Moves I felt ashamed to talk to people about my diet. But now I know that it’s about the healthiest I can be with what I have. Little changes each week haven’t felt overwhelming and I’ve stuck to it which is amazing for me.”
(Making Moves Client 2, December 2021)

Our next FIT BLACKPOOL sessions start week commencing 17th January 2022 email: fitfans@bfcct.co.uk for more information.