Supporting Positive Mental Health in Blackpool Primary Schools

As a Community Trust BFCCT delivery a variety of programmes that support and nurture our community’s mental health.

Working in partnership with local primary schools is a big part of what we do. Below you can read about a selection of provision we provide and how it supports your children.


Our Year 6 PSHE programme Unstoppable enables pupils to discuss difficult life topics, including mental health, knife crime, family dynamics, confidentiality and transition to high school. Our PSHE Coordinator guides the children through the Unstoppable book allowing them to use the books characters to deliberate real life events. The sessions permit the children to gain confidence and build resilience to emotional challenges they may face and provides coping strategies to support them.

Premier League Primary Stars (PLPS) 

The Community Trust provides PE and physical activity support to all Blackpool Primary Schools. Physical activity is a fantastic way to improve your mental, physical, social and emotional health. Over the week our coaches deliver 80 fun and educational physical activity sessions improving teamwork, confidence, communication skills and social skills. Participating in regular physical activity improves physical fitness and wellbeing and reduces stress and anxiety.


On our healthy lifestyles programme, Fit2Go, we support positive mental health through the discussion of feelings and emotions and how these differ from person to person.

The children participate in activities in which they have to identify how certain scenarios make them feel and we encourage them to discuss these feelings to see how people react differently to circumstances, and that it is completely normal. We also discuss in depth the importance of getting enough sleep not only for our physical health, but mental health too.

Throughout our programme we encourage children to participate in physical activity , during our sessions and also outside of school. The positive links between physical activity and mental health have been widely acknowledged and include: Improved sleep , reduced stress and anxiety and improved mood.

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