Supporting over 400 young people with their mental health through High School Hubs

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week with the theme of Growing Together. As this is the case we wanted to highlight the amazing work our team do on a daily basis by encouraging children and young people to choose positive pathways and supporting them to grow into confident and resilient individuals.

Our ‘High School Hub Mentors’ deliver a wide range of programmes to support young people with their mental wellbeing.

We offer ‘1:1 mentoring’ sessions in school to support pupils with their confidence, self-esteem and resilience, whilst giving them the opportunity to set goals and work on the personal development.

Running alongside this our ‘Premier League Inspires’ offer is a 20-week programme focused on helping young people become more resilient individuals, reduce anxiety and develop coping strategies. We also incorporate relaxation techniques, to support young people through exam stress.

Finally, in partnership with Beaverbrooks, our ‘Enterprise Programme’, focuses on raising aspirations through business. The programme helps young people to develop skills in employability, entrepreneurship, teamwork and money management. You can read about our latest Beaverbrooks Enterprise Challenge here.

🧡 All programmes provide young people with opportunities to learn and thrive, whilst developing vital interpersonal skills such as, listening to others, teamwork and communication.

FYI: During 2021 our High School Hubs team delivered 632 sessions of which 212 where 1:1 mentoring sessions for young people in Blackpool.