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The Programme

DIVERT is a custody intervention programme aimed to reduce reoffending, which forms part of the Lancashire Violence Reduction Network. It is aimed at 18-25-year-olds who find themselves in police custody for committing a violent crime. Following release, individuals who consent to engage with DIVERT are given positive motivation for change through the support of our Custody Intervention Coach. This includes helping individuals to access community-based services and activities which promote personal development and progression into employment, education or training.

Our Custody Intervention Coach is NOT a police officer and all conversations are completely confidential. DIVERT is voluntary and the decision to engage with the programme is up to the young adult. The programme is independent of the current police investigation and any subsequent criminal charges.

Divert Youth

we are currently not receiving any new referrals for this programme due to staff capacity.

DIVERT Youth is a preventative programme aimed at 10–17-year-olds who are at risk of entering the Criminal Justice System. Young people are assigned a one-to-one Mentor with whom they co-produce a personal development plan, which outlines goals they want to achieve.

By adopting a trauma-informed approach to work with young people, we aim to gain an understanding of their behaviour and support individuals to increase their confidence, resilience and wellbeing, whilst reducing their offending behaviours. The programme will offer positive alternatives to young people such as education, training, volunteering and community-based activities such as football, boxing, table tennis etc. Young people will continue to be supported by their Mentor with regular check-ins to ensure they are staying on target and sustaining positive changes they have made.

DIVERT Youth is funded by the Lancashire Violence Reduction Network.

To discuss any potential referrals please contact: brett.whitehead@bfcct.co.uk