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Active Through Football

The Programme

With the support of Football Foundation, Blackpool FC Community Trust are excited to launch Active Through Football (ATF).

ATF will give adults an opportunity to take part in football, and reap the many rewards that it offers.

Football is often the core of many communities around the country, bringing people closer together and supporting new relationships to develop. There is something for everyone to get involved with, whether your goals are to become active, meet people, start a hobby or even learn new skills, support will be given each step of the way.

Organisations across Blackpool are working in partnership to deliver Active Through Football in Park ward.

This programme is being delivered by Blackpool FC Community Trust and funded by the Football Foundation.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, this programme is for you, so your thoughts, voices and ideas will be heard.

You can find out more about Active Through Football here

What are we trying to achieve?

INSIGHT – Increased understanding of opportunities/barriers for target audience to play football, through community engagement.

COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP – Increased involvement of target audience in design and delivery of activities through ongoing community engagement.

INCREASED ACTIVITY – Increased activity levels in people aged 18+ from target audience through football.

BEHAVIOUR CHANGE – Target audience sustain improved long-term physical activity habits through behaviour change.